The Americano

Do you know why Chileans are fighting with an obesity epidemic throughout all age groups? I do. It is because of one sandwich, and one sandwich only… The Americano. I’m talking one football sized pile of beef, ham, cheese, and fried eggs between a massive, greasy, buttery bun. And it is beyond delicious. I swear that i’d eat if for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day if I could. First it rocks your mind, then it rocks your digestive system. But very well worth it. Might I add that The Americano can only be had at a selective few establishments that stay open in Arica until 10:30 PM at night to serve hungry Americans like me.

Aside from that experience, today was also the best day of spanish-speaking that i’ve experienced yet. I’m pretty sure that things are starting to “click” in my mind. Fast paced speech dosen’t seem so fast and my ability to respond promptly and with ease is definitely improving. I still search for the right words in each conversation that I have, but I’m no longer nervous to speak to native speakers in spanish. The learning curve really is steep during a full-immersion experience!

I was also pooped on by a bird today… He/she manages to get my shoulder, side, and shorts, all of which were white. A solid hit. Best part? I’m still wearing that shirt 4 hours later.


3 thoughts on “The Americano

  1. Thank God the bird didn’t poop on your Americano sandwich. Although, from the sounds of that sandwich, you probably would not have noticed. Glad you found something for a bedtime snack. Sleep well! Love, Dad.

  2. I have it on very good authority that bird poop is a sign of good luck. Wear that shirt proudly. I love that the sandwich is called an Americano, representing our country’s obesity problem. We have a new word here now: diabesity. Yep, diabetes and obesity combined. Maybe that could give them an idea for a new sandwich. Off to the Phila. Flower Show today. Take care. Ms. Kingsley

  3. Will, I’m not going to lie, that sandwich sounds absolutely disgusting to me! But I’m glad you enjoy it; I’m not sure why, but hey whatever floats your boat! Anna was schmooed on by a bird before so she definitely sympathizes with you on that one.
    When you get back you’ll definitely have to be helping me on my Spanish!

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