You don’t bike in Arica

Its a simple lesson that I learned today that may save some of your lives if you ever choose to come to Arica and ride a bike.

Before I even tried to ride to class, I first rode my bike away from the shop. With the roads being ridiculously dangerous I had to ride on the sidewalk and the first curb that I came to, I naturally ran right into. I tried to “hop” over it but just ran my tire right into it. Because my bike is made of high caliber material, it naturally just bent up the whole front tire…. (the high caliber part is clearly a joke). With a wobbly bent up front tire I rode the rest of the way home but just before I got there one of the pedals broke in half.

Of course I still tried to ride it to class today. I was expecting a short trip but ended up lost in the city and finally arrived at class after a 45 minute ride (soaked in sweat). In my lost confusion I caught a glimpse of a building I knew and rode toward that, eventually arriving at my destination. After three hours of class, I rode another 30 minutes back home in the blazing heat. I arrived sunburnt, sweaty, and thankful to be alive. Their is no bike lane on the street and the cars will honestly hit you. I swear its true because it nearly happened to me multiple times. I was riding on and off of the sidewalk, in and out of the street, but that was all that I can do. Did I mention that the other bike pedal broke in half on the way home?

The plan now is take my bike to get it repaired and then try and sell it back…. one day after purchasing it. I would like to regain at least SOME of my money because I used everything that I had on that god-forsaken bike.

Its all part of the fun.



4 thoughts on “You don’t bike in Arica

  1. OMG, Will — I don’t care if you get a penny back for the bike — give it away and please don’t bike ride in Arica. You can do that when you get back to Lancaster…I want you back safe and whole…

    • And, if you didn’t get that message loud and clear from your Mom, here it is again from your teacher. Trash the bike as a lesson learned. DO NOT fix it and resell as you are inviting another to a similar fate. Just let it be and move on. . . ’twas a funny story though!

  2. Haha oh my Will, you and only you! It sounds like maybe you should find some other mode of transportation! :) How do you think traveling by horseback would work out?!
    I don’t want to say it sounds like you’re “learning from your mistakes” because I don’t think it was necessarily a mistake to buy the bike, but you’re learning that there are perhaps better ways to get around. Be safe, Will, and perhaps no more biking for a little while! :)

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