What a Weekend

Yesterday, and the weekend as a whole, was quite the experience. I’m a bit disappointed that I couldn’t write about it while all of the adventures were fresh in my mind. Here is a brief review of this weekend’s events:

Saturday was the first day that I met my host-mother (Marcela. But a host son just says “mama” around here) and host-brother (Diego). They are absolutely wonderful people. Warm and welcoming into both their home and their lives. I shared lunch (traditionally the biggest meal of the day) with the two of them and some extended family. They are all as equally funny and entertaining as they are warm and welcoming.

My Spanish is getting better and better each day. I feel myself progressing and easing into the use of the language. But I communicate best with Diego. We seem to have a connection because he is nearly the same age as I am. He is coming up on his 17th birthday.

Yesterday we took a kayak out into the ocean and saw a ton of sea lions. They were swimming in the water all around us barking like dogs. It was incredible. We also kayaked right up next to some of the biggest commercial shipping boats that I have ever seen. Incredible. To top it off, when we rode the waves to shore, we hopped out of the kayak and stood among 3 huge black sea turtles. On the walk back up the beach we also helped to push someone’s truck out of the sand.

Yesterday I ate Ceviche. That’s right, Ceviche. Raw fish “cooked” in lime juice with onions. For those who are wondering, it is not cooked in the literal sense.  It was amazing and I can’t wait to enjoy more ceviche during my stay.

On Saturday night, Diego took me to a discotech (night club) that was in the middle of an old abandoned Wrangler factory… pretty cool. We went to bed at 4:30 that night.

To start off the week, I walked down town with Diego, stepped in a fresh pile of dog poop, and used all of the money that I was given (by my program) this semester for transportation and purchased a bike. I’ll get back to you on whether or not that was a good investment.



2 thoughts on “What a Weekend

  1. I’m really wondering how I could get a helmet down to you :) …just kidding, I know you’d REALLY stand out if you had a helmet on, right? Please be careful tooling around on your bike on roads that you’re not used to! No injuries allowed in Chile! I’m such a Mom…that misses you…

  2. Oh my gosh, Will, that all sounds so amazing! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous when I read about the part with the sea lions and sea turtles; that just sounds absolutely surreal and fantastic! I cannot wait until I get to hear these stories in person. Your host family is lucky to have you and it sounds as though you are also lucky to have them. Take care and live it up, Will!

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