I just arrived in Guarulhos International Airport São Paulo, Brazil. Even though this is not my final destination (I can’t speak a word of the language: Portuguese), I will be here for another seven and a half  hours until my next flight leaves for the Capital of Chile, Santiago. From there I will fly up to Arica, and I will arrive at my final destination at a lovely 4AM in the morning (2AM US time) on Tuesday. I am hoping that someone from my program will be at the airport at that time to pick me up!

The flight from Dulles to Sao Paulo was very long and a tad uncomfortable, but I was graced with the wonderful company of Lisa and Sharon, my two new Brazilian friends. Both ladies spoke excellent english, and by striking up conversation, I learned that Sharon is a kindergarten teacher in Sao Paolo and Lisa is a well known an admired dentist also in the Sao Paulo area. They both had excellent stories to share, and they were nice enough to give me all of their contact information should I find myself in any trouble and need there help. Whats more, both ladies insisted that I extend my stay in South America in order to visit with them in Sao Paulo on my return flight for a few days. From what I understand, there is much to be seen here in Sao Paulo. I can only hope that I continue to meet such kind and caring people during my travels.

For now i’m content just sitting here in the airport, watching all of the intoxicated men in the bar across the way scream and shout at the soccer game on the TV. The adventure has begun.


4 thoughts on “Brazil?

  1. Drunken men screaming at a soccer game on TV? I had no idea Mike and Pat were already visiting you. Have a blast Will and look forward to your stories at the beach.

  2. I’m sorry that I am just now catching up on your blog posts, Will! I am not surprised at all that you made friends on the plane. You have this infectious character and you emanate this feeling of friendliness and good will that it’s no wonder you attract all sorts of equally good and friendly people! Keep that going (which I know you will, that’s just who Mr. Will Kiefer is!) and you’re going to continue to meet more wonderful people!
    I’m so glad things are going well for you!

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